Custom Designs Form

What is the custom design process?

  • Once your enquiry has been submitted via our Customs form, we will review the form and reach out to you within 1-3 working days.
  • We will communicate with you our thoughts and provide any changes/advice on the design.
  • A rough estimate of time and cost will be provided. Lead time can range between 2-6 weeks and costs are dependent on garment type and stitch count.
  • Designing/digitising will commence upon receipt of a deposit.
  • Once digitising is complete, we will embroider a test run and then work with you to make any changes to the size, colour and design. Please note, embroidery is an art and takes time, we want to make the best embroidery for you and will do our best to complete your custom at the highest standard. We will try to keep you updated during this process as much as possible. We thank you for trusting us in advance.
  • After confirmation of the final design, we will collect the remainder of the cost and then run it on your preferred garment and send it out to you :)

How much do customs cost?

  • Base price for T-shirt: from $50AUD.
  • Base price for Hoodies/Sweaters/Crew: from $100AUD.
  • Additional cost depends on the design size and complexity, the more stitches your design needs, the higher the cost. We will provide you our best price estimate before we start digitising however please keep in mind this may change depending on any changes made thereafter.

What types of designs can be embroidered?

Whilst we can create so many beautiful and detailed designs with embroidery, there are some limitations. We recommend only small or simple designs for t-shirts as high/heavy stitch count can cause the material of your garment to pucker/warp. The designs we digitise may not be 100% the same as what you provide due to other limitations such as size, details, colours, shading, texture etc however we will try our best to replicate your vision whilst providing the best quality service and embroidery.

Is there a limit to how big customs can be?
We have 4 different hoop sizes that we use to embroider with (300 x 200 mm, 180 x 130 mm, 100 x 100 mm and 60 x 40 mm).

Note: Sleeve designs must be smaller than 300 x 200 mm.

Size of the design is also limited to the design details and whether the design is outline only or filled.

What positions can I do?

We can do front logo, front centre, back and sleeve. Multiple positions can also be requested depending on size and design. Please note, sleeve designs can only be 4cm and 2cm and therefore must be simple designs.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at or via our ‘Contact Us’ page.