About Us

We are a couple who share a love for all things anime - combined with an embroidery machine we have created Ito-Āto; to fulfil all your anime clothing needs. 

We are the hands behind the machine and see all our orders from start to finish. When we work on your garment, there's no production lines and mass manufacturing meaning that each garment is made in house, one at a time. All our focus and attention is 100% on your garment only allowing us to ensure that each garment is made with a high amount of care. 

Ito-Āto is a combination of the words thread and art in Japanese. The Japanese use a term Wabi-Sabi which refers to the Japanese art of imperfect beauty. As each design is embroidered individually you may see that although we use the same colours and designs, they may not be 100% identical.  There may be small imperfections but we believe this is what makes each garment unique for you. 

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